Creacle Media Kit

What is Creacle?

Creacle is an abbreviation of the word Creative Circle. Inspired by the shape of the base circle is a set of infinite points and interconnected, has meaning as a series of continuous and infinite of creativity. Founded in September 2011 by Gathot Fajar, Firdaus Ismail, Irkham Huda, Eko Nugraha and Rifauddin Tsalitsy, five students from Department Computer Science, Universitas Gadjah Mada (Yogyakarta). They are often involved in research activities and competitions. Legally registered as CV. Creacle since October 2012. Creacle have strategy to continuously innovate create products and services that can be suitable with the market and latest technology.


Bring local culture content to the world using creative and digital media.


  • Create game based on cultural values of the archipelago.
  • Create useful applications in supporting the activities of its users.
  • Provide the best services in information technology-based services that include but are not limited to; game and application development, application of IT-based systems in a variety of needs, IT training for games and applications development.

Meet our Creative Team

Achievement and Award

Here are some of the competition that we ever follow and awards we've achieved